the Distributers of Emollient Hand Wash

Hand washing is a very important task that must be done several times a day and various detergents have been produced for it. The detergent that is produced must be of good quality to be able to remove contaminants. On the other hand, it should not have any sensitivity for the hands. The issue of hand washing is very important. Our company is engaged in the production of various types of emollient hand washes.

the Distributers of Emollient Hand Wash

What Is the Active Ingredient in Emollient Hand Wash?

What Is the Active Ingredient in Emollient Hand Wash? Liquid detergents or liquid soaps are one of the most widely used products in the detergent industry and play an important role in cleanliness and health. Many of us are sensitive to cleanliness.

We are taught to wash our hands, again and again, every day and to avoid any contact with germs so that as a tool for this purpose, hand washing products are an important aspect of our daily lives.

Surfactants in hand washing products clean and build up the foam by acting on the surface between grease and water (surfactants or surfactants). They are able to mix with water and skin oil and cause dirt to disappear.

Based on their cleaning power, surfactants are classified into primary and secondary materials or surfactants. Based on the chemical structure, there are anionic, amphoteric, nonionic and quaternary materials.

Surfactants form the basis of all personal cleansing products and can also have moisturizing, air conditioning, degreasing, emulsifying and thickening effects. Surfactants are also very useful for household soaps (especially liquid soaps) to improve stains and reduce hardness. And they have an important factor in cleaning the hands from Pollution.

Hand Wash Ingredient as follows: water, texapen (70%), sodium lauryl sulfate, emollient (polyquites, such as quaternium 80, dimethicone), foam enhancer, skin disinfectant, vitamin E, glycerin, Color, essential oil.

The steps for producing toilet liquid are as follows:

  • First of all, pour the mentioned amount of water into the container.
  • Turn on the mixer to mix.
  • Add the said amount of preservative. After solving the mentioned value, add edta.
  • Now, add Texas.
  • Let mix until all the texapen is dissolved.

After mixing homogeneously, start adding other chemicals as follows. Please be patient to mix thoroughly before adding the next chemical. The next chemicals to be added are as follows:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Emollient (polyquaternium and dimethicone)
  • Vitamin E. Glycerin
  • Color
  • Essence

When all the chemicals are mixed together, it’s time to introduce the viscosity-forming chemical that is salt (NaCl). Add the amount of salt mentioned. The amount may vary depending on the purity of the salt.

So you can change the amount to have a liquid of your own thickness. Check the pH of the handwash when it is thick. If necessary, add a small amount of citric acid to adjust the pH to the specified level.

The Differences between Emollient Hand Wash and Liquid Soap

The Differences between Emollient Hand Wash and Liquid Soap With the advancement of science and technology, all kinds of soaps for different skin types have entered the market. But that was not all. In addition to solid soaps, which were already very popular, liquid soaps were also produced.

Soap uses soap compounds and fat-soluble compounds. But in the composition of body shampoo, non-soapy ingredients have been used. Liquid soaps, in addition to their basic ingredients, contain other ingredients such as regular emollients and cleansers and foams, antibacterials and lubricants.

In addition to removing pimples with herbal glycerin, this liquid soap normalizes skin secretions to normalize oily and dry skin. Liquid soaps for dry skin have a balanced pH and close to the skin pH, so they do not cause dry skin and do not actually damage the protective layer of the skin.

Emollient Hand Wash at Cheap Price

Emollient Hand Wash at Cheap Price Hand wash differences with materials is very important. Because each has its own confessions. Washing your hands is very important. Because it will have the health of the body. You can protect your body by washing your hands regularly. Different stores and shopping malls offer hand washing products to customers at different prices.

Our store is one of the centers that offers these products to customers at very low prices. The Hand Wash Price in our online store is lower than other stores because we provide the products directly to the consumer.

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