Direct Supply of Quality Laundry Powder

The bulk sale of quality laundry powder leads to the offer of a cheaper product. In the main bulk sales centers of the powder, you can buy this product with high quality and standard and completely affordable combinations.

Direct Supply of Quality Laundry Powder

What Is Quality Laundry Powder Used For?

What Is Quality Laundry Powder Used For? The biggest advantage of powders is their roughness, which helps to remove the most stubborn stains from a variety of fabrics and makes them easier to wash. Just put some of them directly on the clothes and moisturize the area and rub gently. Then, you will see the hardest stains disappear from the clothes. The powders are designed to be suitable for use in high hardness water. Also, the low foam production of these detergents facilitates washing and reduces water consumption. Other benefits of laundry powder include:

  • More reasonable and economical prices compared to other detergents.
  • Packaging of washing powder is cardboard and environmentally friendly.
  • Powders are more durable than other detergents, and
  • Consumers can buy them in bulk, thus saving costs.
  • The presence of alkyl benzene sulfonate in powder compounds will easily remove grass, mud and soil stains.
  • Washing powders, unlike liquids, do not require preservatives.

What Is the Main Ingredient in Quality Laundry Powder?

What Is the Main Ingredient in Quality Laundry Powder? Washing powders are composed of chemical compounds and active ingredients called anionic that increase the cleaning and staining power of clothes and bring shine to clothes. Laundry powder ingredient varies depending on the brand and its quality.

Laundry powder is usually produced as a white powder and its properties are increased by adding some colored beads. First of all, we must say that colored seeds are actually special minerals that are added to the powder, and the reason why it is colored is to make the powder look more beautiful. There are many ingredients that have been added to washing powder to enhance the properties of these powders. It should be noted that the main ingredients of washing powder are 50% of the main ingredients such as surfactants, manufacturers and others, and the remaining 50% use enzymes, anti-fouling and other substances to improve the quality of powders every day. In this section, we are going to briefly discuss the ingredients of good and first-class laundry powder:

  • Surfactants: Surfactants include various groups such as anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants, each of which adds special properties to the powder, and in fact these materials consist of two parts that lead to increased wetting. Surfaces are effective in loosening and separating contaminants from clothing.
  • Builders: It is one of the main components of washing powder and all detergents that increase their efficiency. Some builders act as a barrier to corrosion levels during washing and prevent damage to the fabric of the garment.
  • Carboxylates: These substances are in several categories of monomers, acids and carboxylic, which are a reducing agent of hard water ions and controlling foam.
  • Silicates: Sodium silicate has anti-corrosion properties, it also helps maintain water alkalinity; Therefore, it prevents damage to the metal surfaces of washing machines by creating a silicate layer.
  • Phosphonates: It is in the group of excellent sodium salts and prevents the deposition of insoluble salts and dirt particles and helps to remove any stains easily from clothes.
  • Essential oils: The effect of the essential oil on the smell of the final product makes the clothes smell very good with a mild scent after washing and rinsing.

Quality Laundry Powder at Factory Price

Quality Laundry Powder at Factory Price Quality laundry powder at factory price is offered throughout the country through this collection. It is possible to sell washing powder through reputable sites and sales agencies. One way to buy cheap and affordable is to go to online stores. In these centers, bulk washing powder is offered to buyers with first-class quality and very reasonable prices, and because of the great advantages of online shopping, many people prefer to save and pay extra costs. The advantages of online shopping include sending the goods to the customer’s desired location, providing a high quality brand, reasonable cost. Contact our consultants to find out about laundry powder price and save on your costs. Laundry powder usage has always been widely used due to its high quality and reasonable price.

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